Branding refers to what a business is known for, whats the relationship between social media and brand building, what it stands for, where it is going and how to get there. It is the message that you want to associate with your business like quality and superior products or competitive pricing. You should refer to branding as the feedback that you receive from your customers, or what is left in the customers’ minds at the end of a marketing campaign. Thus, having a strong brand is reflected in the willingness of customers to pay a premium for your product.

How to grow a brand on social media is an issue many businesses are struggling with. Branding is not just about your logo, theme color, adverts or online posts but the entire structure and activities of your business and how they support each other. This begins with creating unique quality products. Strong brands have managed to stay competitive for centuries due to their unique quality products, P&G leading the list of such companies. Customers love value for money, thus if you constantly give them quality products, you earn their loyalty.

Consistency is an element of branding that many companies struggle with.  You must understand its importance and strive to deliver to all our clients. Thus, while choosing your mission statement, vision, logo, theme, and design they should be consistent and pass the same message. If you want your business to be associated with luxury, then portray this image consistently in all branding tools. All your marketing strategies like digital and print media should be consistent. Consistency enables easy brand recognition by customers hence gaining customer loyalty.

Authenticity is another important element of branding. Being authentic implies that you can clearly define your brand and put in place measures to support it. This calls for a clear understanding of your target customers and how to best sell your products to these customers. For instance, if your target customers is the low income earners, then your brand stand for features like quality, affordability and reliability as opposed to luxury.

Keeping your promise is a key element in branding. It is meaningless to promise something you can’t deliver, thus be honest and keep it real with your customers. If you stand for usability in a phone as opposed to how many features it has, then deliver that in your product. It is easy to convince a customer to buy Toyota brand for their first car, but the car’s features will determine if the second and subsequent cars will be Toyota. Does it deliver in speed, fuel consumption, durability among other features? Thus, keeping your promises is more important than making them.

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